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uriah heep - question

Question Uriah Heep
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Исполнитель: Uriah Heep

Название песни: Question

Продолжительность mp3: 05:26

Дата добавления: 2016-02-07

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Текст песни:

There's a lie that runs
Across the human race
There's a truth that draws
A tear upon your face
A child is crying and it echoes
All over the world

If we try to find some
Deep communication
Bring an end to war
And start a new creation
From the truth inside
It's waiting, it's waiting

Suddenly then
The clearest voice will call
Feeling the air
You have no choice at all

Can I ask the question to you
Do you know who you are
Do you know what we're doing here
Try to see the way from within
'Cause it isn't outside
Let your honesty see it clear
Why does anger fit our hearts
With missconception
Turn us inside out in every direction
From the truth inside
That's waiting, it's waiting

Follow the voice
That lives inside your heart
Never the choice
That tears your world apart

Take a walk and be
A wave upon the ocean
Touch the sky and
Feel our spirit in motion
This is the love inside that's waiting
Just waiting

Suddenly everything is there to see
You can be everything you want to be

Are you ready to go my love
Are you ready to be my love
Are you ready to die for love


Uriah Heep - Question


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