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boy bangs take u to da movies

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Исполнитель: Ur Boy Bangs

Название песни: Take U To Da Movies

Продолжительность mp3: 04:01

Дата добавления: 2014-08-08

Текст просмотрен: 566


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Текст песни:


Your boy-uh Bangs
And this track is dedicated to all the ladies out there
That like to go to da movies
Especially you girl

Let me take you to the movies, shorty
I'm sure later on you will be my baby
Let's sit down and just be by my side
I got the popcorn I know what else you like

Hey shorty, you really looking nice
Let me take you the movie cause I know you like
You got nothing to worry about
Hold the popcorn and the drink
Let me pay the money so we can get in
Now hold my hand
and take a step to the door
Be Careful Don't fall
Lets sit on those two chairs alone
Watching a movie
So we can see whats going on
If you don't like to watch you can lean on my chest
Take a rest do your best
Baby Girl

Repeat Hook:

I hope you enjoyed the movie Cause I did too
Anytime you wanna go again, Just holla at me
Baby girl we can make It to be better than before
Anything you want me to do, I can do it for sure
You can be my Cinderella
When it rains, you can stand under my umbrella
I know it make us feel better
I'm not like other boyz
I'm a different guy
coming from the sky
Whatever I say I never lie
Just let me know if you wanna go somewhere

Repeat Hook:

Hey shorty where you at where you going can I see you later
Cause I can see you busy right now,
meet me at the shop at 4 o'clock don't forget and don't be late
I can tell you what we do when you come back
I still remember what you told me "take me to the movies Friday night"
that's right what time it is now
half past three my girl be back in about half an hour
let me go and take shower, dress good
put some perfume so I can smell good

Yea girl you can go to the movie any time you like ya nah mean
But guess who you gonna call.. your baby boy bangs
Cause he still got chance ya nah mean
Yeah yeah that's right

Let's sit down and just be by my side
I got the popcorn I know what else you like


Take you to the movies - Bangs " With Lyrics "


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