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кдк амфетамин

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Исполнитель: КДК

Название песни: Минус Амфетамин

Продолжительность mp3: 04:43

Дата добавления: 2017-02-04

Текст просмотрен: 1107


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Текст песни:

Us draw on the trampoline Doo-Doo
now, you're not the same
as memory I overwrote
pose pose our day
the warmth that killed you amphetamine

we have died too early
all seemed there special
rented apartment - we had enough of this
go on as before, and, well, beat me

we called together something thermal burns
let's breathe in this powder
us well was all this nonsense,chemistry
and not poison , and not the road. there is not up to fights

bitch and a fool , can you imagine yourself is where
we were so dead that day,
and the time was cikalo, ticelo
girl, where are you with him quiet?

NaCl chorus[x2]:
no more heat for two
all that we took amphetamine
city among advertising and show-Windows drowned
and those who were with me drowned, drawn

tangled in time our result
would any other't you warm
words as current, suffered as he could,
but now I do not regret...

stop me, stop,
my love, amphetamine
who loved? abdelal
with whom I was drawn, recessed

love is the drug, pain or poison?
you or I? who is to blame? who?
Paradise for us hell, feelings wash,
we were destined to lose.

despair raindrops,
all the world just for you
heaven for two of us to share

pulled her hands, and laughing all the time,
true. he looked at the skies as the bottom of the ocean,
Kurilo, often silent, enjoying
how silence marred the city,and for us it was a thrill

voice, velvet call me caressed.
believed she, as the last thing.
it pulling his lips wheel turns, swallows in
and now fresh air drawn to the window

naughty female us with sadness will spring
in a cold room pulse thy us Ustyany
we I dream of my childhood dreams, after attempts to avoid addiction.

but what are you crying, dear, bite sponge scarlet?
I remember that we loved, I remember we used to fly?
now related handle with steel chains
happiness in one person - amphetamine


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