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Pacific Strong (Bikini Queen Theme) Jambazi
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Исполнитель: Jambazi

Название песни: Pacific Strong (Bikini Queen Theme)

Продолжительность mp3: 04:07

Дата добавления: 2016-06-09

Текст просмотрен: 947


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Текст песни:

Verse 1:
You you spend all your days
Thinking about your knowledge
Can't forget when your father taked
You from a high school to the college
Free time you spend with the books
Full of beauty love stories
All your pretty pretty girlfriends
Dream about the gay-vampire on the pink pony

But every night when you go to sleep
You think about the same shit
You reminisce badboy from your dreams
And you wanna have a body like those fitnesse queens
Some things that you need to know
Never step back never go down never foll
If you wanna look like a topmodel
Don't stop everyday work your body harder

Hey girl
Don't you mess about your tears
Cose you fall in love
With the badboy from you dreams
Hey girl
I just want you understand that
It was me in your dream
That dirty voice that makes you mad

Verse 2:
But you turn on the page and the everything is changed
When you came to the fitness club for new stage
This hot hot bodys on the long sweet legs
Chocolate tone from the fit to the neck
Forget about the everything if you feel the shame
Cose I feeling your desires and I wanna do the same
So don't be shy if you realy want it
we got the all night till the morning
Belive I'll make you fly
If you'll be by my side
I don't know what you think
But I wan't make love with you tonight
My place in VIP
With hennessy and weed
If you want take it all
Badboy in your life is all you need

Chorus: (1 time)

Verse 3:
All your dummy friends thinking about the food
And the dudes came sad when they see them nude
You work your body in the fitness just like you should
That's why you are number on girl in the hood
All they realy realy wanna just be like you
And they can't understand just what to do
Be yourself and work your body hard
That's why you are beautyfull inside and outside
When I saw you for the first time
I thought that angel working on the gym
Working on the gym
Be my number one girl
And I will realise your dirty dreams
Belive I'll make it real


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